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       NEW DIRECTING COMMITTEE (2015-2018)

           Xavier Romero, President (APCAS/Spain)

          Jean Hansen, Vice-president (UPEXAL/Luxemburg)

           Jacques Trassoudaine, Secretary General (UPEAS/France)

           Eddy Speer, Treasurer (UPEX/Belgium)

           Alban Adamo, Delegate General (ANEA/France)

The FIEA is an international association of automobile experts, composed of legally formed automobile experts groups without  recognised national status and exceptionally of individual experts. Created in 1954, the Federation is governed by the legal system of the foreign associations based in France. Thus, the Federation is ruled by the French legislation.

Headquarters: Paris

The representatives of six nations presided over its birth: Germany, Belgium, france, the Netherlands and Switzerland. The Federations’ expansion through Europe went very fast and immediately after, new countries joined the founders: Great-Britain, Poland, spain, Greece, and recently Morocco, Austria and Tunisia.

In countries  where experts bodies have no sufficient size, individual members can be admitted.

Nowadays its membership amouts to about 7365 members in 20 different countries.
The FIEA is a founding member of the World Union of Professions (UMPL) and holds a seat in its Executive Council.







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